Holy Trinity Church, Maisons-Laffitte

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Holy Trinity Church is very much a church open to everyone of every age, nationality and religious background. The community has been here for over a hundred years in a building filled with a sense of prayer, love and care; it exists for the worship and the service of God. The Church is set in the midst of extensive grounds with playground equipment and space for the enjoyment of all our youngsters.

The spirituality and worship of Holy Trinity is within the framework of the Anglican / Episcopal Church, but deeply conscious of the full riches of Christian spiritual experience of all denominations through the ages and today.

Tradition has it that it was to attend to the needs of the English-speaking members of the racing community that a congregation started to meet from 1902. The foundation stone of Holy Trinity Church was laid in 1919 and the chaplain's house on the grounds of the church was completed in 1959. In 1983, and again in 1994, the church building was extended to provide space for Sunday school and the many activities centred around the church.

Today, the church has an electoral roll of nearly 130. Parishioners come from up to 50 km away. Comprised of young professionals with young children, who are on relatively short-term assignments and stay for a few years in France. The remainder, who are in France for the long-haul, have naturally a more normal demography.

While a great emphasis is placed on providing for the young, discreet pastoral help is at hand to the lonely, sick, divorced and bereaved. The older members of the church partake fully in its activities and above all, in its decision-making, where continuity, and a long-term perspective are much valued.

Our church was founded as the Gould Memorial in 1919 and is an « Association Cultuelle . This is association is “déclaré sous le n° 2407, régie par les lois du 1er juillet 1901 et du 9 décembre 1905. ”


Our chaplain: Rev'd Olaf Eriksson and his wife, Marie-Claire Eriksson.


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