Holy Trinity Church, Maisons-Laffitte

Photographic tour of the Church

The Rose Window

For many years the rose window above the organ had had temporary glass which belied its potential beauty and spiritual promise.  In 2002 we initiated the "Rose Window Project" and invited design submissions for the window. In 2003 the new rose window designed by Annelies Clarke, a distinguished Brighton based painter and glass designer was installed.  Here is how Annelies describes her design:

"The restful and rather solid framework of the window is set in motion, like a wheel and moving clockwise to heaven, where time stops and eternity starts.  The wheels of the chariot that takes Elijah to heaven defeat time (II Kings 2).  Elijah's cloak falls back to earth where Elisha (who has asked for a double portion of Elijah's gifts) picks it up and puts it on.  Elisha has seen the Chariot of Fire and so his request has been granted.

It is a spiritual gift and the Holy Spirit in the shape of a dove looks down.  The wind and fire remind us of Pentecost.  The angel celebrates the homecoming of one of God's children and God's work being continued on earth."