Holy Trinity Church, Maisons-Laffitte

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We are a self-supporting Church

The simple truth is that we are financially completely self-supporting in terms of ministry, receiving no outside financing from church or secular sources. This situation is both a challenge and a blessing; a challenge in that Christians have had to learn to give regularly in order for there to be an effective and permanent ministry here, a blessing in that faith in God's provision has been strengthened as our not inconsiderable needs have been met by a relatively small community. Each year the Church Council approves a budget for the coming financial year. From our funds we have to find finance to pay the chaplains, maintain and improve our church buildings and equipment for the various groups, run the church office and this year pay a Youth Worker - a large burden for our community. We also give to local and international charities 10% of our Church income as a sign of our faith in God.

Planned giving scheme

Each year we ask every member of the church family to consider how much he or she is prepared to give to the work of the church's ministry - a weekly or monthly sum: They are asked to pledge this sum as their financial commitment. The amount and how it is given are left up to them, and are known only to the treasurer and planned giving officer. However the total amount of pledged income is known to the Church Council, which is then able to budget and steward the church finances in a responsible way. Your pledged giving has the advantage of being regular and not just dependent upon the number of services you are able to attend. Since the amounts are recorded, you are given an official receipt at the end of the year, which ensures that you are able to obtain a deduction of 66% of what you give from your French taxes up to a limit of 20% of your taxable income. Should your circumstancess change then of course the pledged amount can be modified.

The Church's budget

The Church's annual budget is a considerable sum. However "in Christ all things are possible". Spread across the community, the average per pledge per month for each pledge family and individual,is much more modest (which after French tax deductions would be even less!) Of course in reality some give considerably less and some considerably more. "Let each give according to his means as his heart tells him, neither grudgingly nor under compulsion".

Sharing your time and talents

And there are other ways that you can help with the smooth running of the Church. You will have seen from these pages that there are plenty of activities within the Church. Each will always welcome extra help in whatever form it takes. Please do not be shy: we will welcome any help you can give. Please take the time now to fill in the attached time and talents form (provided as a Microsoft Word document) and return it to us at the Church.

Will you help?

W hope that may have answered some of your questions about the support of the ministry at Holy Trinity. If you feel able to help, please fill out the attached planned giving form and the time and talents form and return either or both to us at the Church. All pledges are confidential.