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The Lotus Foundation – Foundation for the Enhancement and Development of Community Life in Sri Lanka.

Norman Martinesz and his family were actively involved in HTCML from 2008-2011 and he now spends his time whenever possible with his Lotus Foundation in Sri Lanka (supported by Holy Trinity) and his family in Bourdeilles in the Dordogne.

The Lotus Foundation evolved from a basic desire to make a positive change in the lives of individuals and communities and in particular to help and support the underpriviledged children and the elderly in war torn Sri Lanka in 1997. Subsequently through the years, the traumatic tsunami and its aftermath, that still leaves individuals and families distressed and requiring help, much has been done to achieve that change.

Wherever possible the direct involvement of the sponsors, with the guidance of the Foundation has ensured one hundred percent of the funding being directed to projects that are individually tailored to how the sponsors wish to expend the funds or the material donations made, or how they wish to be personally involved.

Projects include; building of simple low cost houses around existing wattle and daub, or mud huts; occasionally to help with emergency repair of houses damaged by extreme weather conditions or by wild elephants; purchasing fully paid up government pensions for the farming or agricultural community; provision of electricity to houses; provision of water to domestic residences and communities by mains supply, or by digging or boring wells in strategic locations; special educational outings for underpriviledged childen; education (education is free in Sri Lanka but help with school books, clothing and incidentals is always needed); grants for university students (university education is also free with minimal Government grants to help with food, travel and stationary). The Foundation provides a monthly grant to the students to subsidise day to day living, and examination fees. We also work with those needing special mobility needs, those with hearing difficulties, and the visually impaired.

Sponsors of the Lotus Foundation are friends, friends of friends, visitors to Sri Lanka, UK Lions, Rotary clubs, and well wishers. Sponsors have donated funds or equipment such as sewing machines, miscellaneous woodwork and metalwork tools to provide a sustainable livlihood; stationary, disability aids, and other miscellaneous items that could be sold and funds raised either in the UK or in Sri Lanka. In more recent times and in post war Sri Lanka the ready availability of most essential items (due to growth in the nations manufacturing industry), and tighter controls of imports, has meant that it has been more favourable and convenient to transact funds although not entirely dismissing the occasional shipment of donated items considered to be potentially useful or saleable.

‘BRIDGETHAINE’, Narendrasinghe Mawatha, Kundasale, Sri Lanka, my home in Kandy remains open, and a welcome spacious family residence, set in the verdant central Hill Country. All sponsors and potential sponsors are invited to stay and be indirectly involved or at least see for themselves what their goodwill has achieved. Meeting the recipients of their generosity, and enjoying the Sri Lankan hospitality so willingly and unreservedly offered, needs to be experienced, never to be forgotten.

To be a Sponsor and get involved contact: UK cheques made payable to N E Martinesz; Bank transfers to: First Direct 51873237, Sort 40-47-75 Norman Elmo Martinesz, Co-ordinator and Controller, Lotus Foundation, Sri Lanka ‘Bridgethaine’ Narendrasinghe Mawatha, Kundasale, Sri Lanka Tel:+94 (0)15 665 919. (M)+94 (0)713 622 995 E-mail: 19 Blake Court, South Street, Gosport, Hants, PO12 1EX, UK Tel: 0044 (0)23 92 528 630

French cheques made payable to: Kay H Martinesz; E-mail: Kay H Martinesz, Chateau des Senechaux, Rue de L’Eglise, 24310 Bourdeilles, France Tel: 0033 (0)647 386834

All donations in any form will be greatfully received, and acknowledged by the Lotus Foundation and used entirely for the benefit of the underpriviledged of Sri Lanka.

Norman Martinesz
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  • 9th March 2021