28 May, 2021

Holy Trinity Outreach supports….

In 1995 the French association Cap Espérance opened the children’s home in the village of Grasi, Latvia and has sheltered more than 150 abandoned children often in great distress.
Today, thirty children of all ages live in four houses and teenagers of 17 and above are housed in two flats.
Local social services from all over the country but particularly from Riga, the capital of Latvia, contact the children’s home for support and protection.  In recent years more often three or four siblings have needed shelter and care.
Over the years, we have developed an approach which is both global and individual. A thorough health check-up is undertaken on arrival and ongoing psychological follow-up sessions are implemented to rehabilitate each child.
The Cap Esperance Association also seeks foster families in France to welcome and house a child for a month every summer. From past experience, the benefits are huge and fluency in French is often the result.
In recent years, professional artists come to Grasi to encourage art as a form of therapy and this has been very beneficial for the personal development of each child.
During the Covid 19 crisis, schools in Latvia have been closed and the children have been obliged to stay on the spot in the Grasi children’s home. The playground which was financed and built by Holy Trinity Church Maisons Laffitte in November 2020 has been even more appreciated during these difficult times.
We would like to thank everyone at HTCML for their generosity and kindness for which we at the Grasi children’s home are truly grateful.

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