We invite all who are able to come to our socially distant Welcome Barbecue Lunch on Sunday 20th September at 12.30pm. Free entrance, with a donations basket for contributions. Please register your interest by filling in this form, though everyone is warmly invited, even if you turn up at the last minute, and please do think about inviting a friend or a colleague! Email office@htcml.com for more details.

Also on Sunday 20th September we will celebrate Harvest together. Please bring some non-perishable food or toiletry items to donate to the Secours Catholique food bank who distribute goods locally to people in need (“in date” please, and no rice or pasta, they already have lots!).

Lastly, we will be having a sale of jam, marmalade and curd on the 20th September. Please bring any jam you may have made over the summer to sell, and let us know if you need jam jars, we have LOTS!

Jam Making Aprons | Zazzle UK

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