27 June, 2024

To Members of the British Community,


As I hope you are aware, all British Citizens who have resided at least three years in the UK are now able to register to vote in UK General Elections. It is now too late to register to vote on 4thJuly, if you have not already done so. About 60,000 British citizens had registered as Overseas Voters at the date that the General Election was called, which seems relatively low given that the estimated population of the British Diaspora is about 3.5 million. If you have not yet registered and would like to know more, visit the BritishinFrance website on https://www.britishinfrance.com/news-stories/voting-in-the-uk-for-british-citizens.

We have been contacted by the Electoral Commission who are conducting a survey about the registration process, including asking for input from those who have not registered to vote, for whatever reason.

The survey is easy to complete and takes about 5 to 10 minutes. Please can you circulate this message to your members (or at least to those who have British nationality) as their feedback will be incredibly useful to the Electoral Commission.


Good afternoon, I am contacting you from the Electoral Commission to ask for your help circulating a short survey about the UK general election. The Electoral Commission will be reporting on the administration of the 04 July 2024 UK Parliamentary general election and would like to hear about the experiences of British citizens eligible to vote. 

We are interested to hear views about the process of registering to vote, applying for a postal, proxy or postal proxy vote and the experience of voting. 

We are also keen to hear from people who were eligible to vote but, for whatever reason, did not register or did not vote. 

Here is the survey link: https://eu.research.net/r/ElectoralCommissionOverseasVoter2024survey 

The survey is entirely confidential but the feedback provided may be used anonymously in the Commission’s report on the 04 July election as it will help us make recommendations to improve the running of the elections in the UK, and the experience of overseas voters. 

All information provided will be treated in strictest confidence and it will not be possible to identify any individual in the published report. 

The Electoral Commission will not be able to respond directly to issues raised via this survey. 

If you have any queries or would like more information please contact the research team at ResearchSurvey@electoralcommission.org.uk

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